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I am one of life’s worriers, I worry about everything – and when I say everything I pretty much mean everything…

One of the latest rounds of worries have been about Will – just a quick catch up… he started a new school in Septermber 2013, secondary school – all his friends from Primary school went to a different school – he has had no interest really of seeing his old friends… I worry and feel bad – is it normal? he spent 7 years with those children… and now doesn’t seem to even care – it makes me feel sad and bad WHY?  is it my fault?  have I not given him the values that friends are important…

Apart of me felt proud that he had adjusted so quickly to his new school and new friends and he is SO happy and I am so grateful that we chose the school we did – he is positively thriving – (another thing that I worry about – maybe he would have done just as well somewhere else or even better!?!)

Anyway yesterday 2 of his old school friends came around to call for him and again this afternoon – he has gone down to the park with a football to play with them… it makes me smile – big happy smiles – xxx

So on the worry scale another worry to cross off the list – When I started this post, I nearly wrote I am a worrier yes worrier and not a warrior – I am not a warrior because really I have had nothing to be a warrior about! and I should be thankful for this… and then I thought oh yes you do you have everything to Warrior for…  my life – my family so maybe I should re-direct all my worry and stop becoming a worrier and start becoming THE WARRIOR