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I have this horrid feeling of un-rest, all I want to do is sit in a field and be still – but I can’t – I mean, I am lucky enough that I could if I wanted but I just can’t  - I can’t seem to relax and be still this week -(it feels a bit like when you are starving – well really hungry, and eat too much too quickly and really don’t enjoyed it and then after you feel really full and yucky – bloated and fat and annoyed at yourself- usually for me a trip to McD’s brings on this feeling).

Its been a terrible waste of a week – I have achieved nothing this week – absolutely nothing even my PT session was pointless as I have eaten this week as if every day is my last…  the flowers in the jam jars – my last post has been the hightligtht of the week – I haven’t done a dog walk and feel guilty for that – I haven’t really done any washing so we are now experiencing epic proportions of dirty laundry… I sooooo need to really really clean – the mess and dirt just keep piling up! – BIG SAD FACE

We have had cricket match after cricket match so I haven’t really done any cooking that I could congratulate myself on – I have snacked on crap all week – pringles and a glass or 2 of vino don’t make for weight lose or a good mood.  I made brownie for Boy child last night for the today Cricket match… and basically I even failed at that!! It was edible but really a little under cooked I realised as I cut it up this morning for him to take.

I have been knitting lots at the matches – which should be a good thing… however I now realise I have done about 4cms tooooo much so need to unpick a pile!! I hate unpicking all that wasted time kitting – especially as If I have kept a closer eye on it I could have avoided it! GRRHHH  I so need to finish a project but don’t – just keep starting new ones… GRRHHH

World Cup fever – this actually doesn’t annoy me that much BUT the England squad!!! what a bunch of muppets… seriously… how can 11 players train so much and more to the point get paid SOOOOO much money and be out played by 1 player!?! What is that about?  I am not going to say any more on this subject as I am likely to write war and peace about it…

The weather has been warm (which is much needed) and humid (not so much liked) and we have had a lot of sun (SUPER YIPEEE) but also a lot of grey!! and its the grey that gets me down.

The trouble with this feeling is that everything I do – I feel like I want to or should be doing something else!  I have just felt stressed and un settled all week – please oh please let me feel more peace next week.