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Darling Daughter has been dropping highly unsubtle hints all holidays about shoe shopping!  An absolute hate of mine – school shoe shopping – the worst!!- the time never seems right – the shops are always full of stressed mothers and grumpy or whiny or screaming kids – it fills me with a sense of dread…  Go to early and you fear that the kids feet will have grown a size by the time school starts… go to late and you can’t find any sizes to fit them…  Every year i think ok next year I will buy new shoes mid summer term and then I wont be beholden to this mad summer rush for everything new for September… every year I haven’t done it!

I have never been a fan of Clarkes… I have never been able to walk in and get both my children sorted in the shoe department and walk out… I seriously didn’t agree with the fact that they put dolls and cars in the shoes… (funny how time mellows you… I don’t actually mind that any more and can see the fun side of it!!?? – not too sure what that actually says about me!) and I really didn’t and to be honest still am not keen on the fact that more than half the kids at school have exactly the same shoes!  I have always shopped at Niki Lus in Rugby and always had excellent service and had both kids sorted and all shoed up :)  But this year… I don’t know it just didn’t happen, I didn’t go over that way and well I blame the Cricket again! LOL

Anyways this year it happened –  I realised I really couldn’t leave it much longer to get the dreaded shoe situation over and done with… we were down near Bicester playing Cricket and someone mentioned Clarks at Bicester Village (free parking is always a winner for me :) AND… 30 mins, very very very helpful staff, 2 pairs of shoes that fit the kids and they like them and the added bonus that there were £40 in total. Winner :D Go Clarks at Bicester Village.

clarks new school shoes for belle

New and Polished School Shoes