Reasons to be happy

Posted By on Sep 14, 2016 |

Last week I treated myself to the magazine Breathe¬†and with it came a free booklet in which to write things that you are grateful for, (aside I wasn’t thrilled with the quality of the paper of the free booklet – especially as the magazine is printed on lovely thick paper – guess you can’t please all the people!:P).

Anyway got me thinking about my negativity… glass half empty type of person that I am and so now most days I try to write one thing down that I really am grateful for -first few days started off being things like being alive – having a job – the kids etc… and I wanted to try to steer away from these fantastic things but still slightly big and obvious and look for little things that don’t really mean much to anyone else but mean the world to me and make me smile just a little more… stop and take a breath and try to feel a little more relaxed,

Todays TA-DAAAAA moment…

Heart Earrings

Heart Earrings

I found a lost earring