New Family Addition

Posted By on Jul 10, 2012 |

We have some very exciting news… A new addition to the Cooper-Harris clan┬ámay we present, puppy Storm.

puppy storm

Well I picked him up on Friday 29th June at exactly 8 weeks old, (he was born on 4th May – I will never forget that date after a very funny conversation I had with William and it being Star Wars Day!!) – we were all going to go but it got complicated, School sports got moved to this day, Will got picked to play in the Bedford match… and so Belle went to sports day and a great friend clapped her on and supported her and had her join their picnic – Huge thanks Heidi :) Richard took Will to Bedford and watched him play – amazing they didn’t have any rain and it wasn’t cancelled!!!

Suffice to say for me, it poured with rain all the way up to Holmfirth and back again… so aptly named dog Storm… (there were many other names in the pile but since one of Richard and my first conversations had been about dogs and what we thought and the name storm had come up, – also I know it sounds like yeah right but we had both wanted a Weirmaraner!! well 2 to be exact but actual 1 is about all I can manage at the moment!).


PS -OMG how crap is that the photo is in the middle of the white boarder on the preview while writing post here HOWEVER when you view site live it has shifted to the right so now white boarder on the right side just top-bottom-right – another job for a certain code monkey to fix for me :) – they have lots of advantages:D)