mid year update 2017

Posted By on Jun 30, 2017 |

This is a very quick update as lately I have been feeling rather down in the dumps and feeling like the year is once again racing past and I am in a whirlwind and not achieving anything so i want to just add a little something to this blog to remind myself that actually I have been achieving goal and doing things and that i should indeed be proud of myself even if they are only just mini milestone or small achievements…in no particular order…

1) Moved out of our house of 6 years – got rid of a lot of crap (kept a lot too… ┬ábut celebrating the small things!)

2) Survived Christmas

3) Sporadic updates on Instagram – better than nothing

4) Finished a shawl – still knitting/ crocheting on and off but better than not

5) Achieved and finished several sewing project tops / pj bottoms

6) Still have a job!!!! just i think

7) Went to my first RHS show and was inspired in the garden – planted up pots and have cosmos coming out my ears for cut flowers to bring inside throughout the summer – much love

8) Celebrated a daughter turning 13 years old

9) Survived 2 months living back with my mother

10) Made a decision to dye my hair blue – i just need to go through with it this time! :P