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IT’s here 2013, and today its grey… and I am grey too – again – boring isn’t it… I need to be more positive – I will see as I write this if I can summon up some happy sparkle… and what is it they say… poop sparkle?…

Firstly just to air the grey… I WANT BEACH… I NEED BEACH… I have land lock… I am at just about the furthest place from the sea you can get in the UK!??! WTF I need to find a way to deal with my beach / sea need… I wrote this last week… I didn’t finish the post – I saved it to draft and went away to think about my Beach dilemma – wonder whether I should seriously try to convince my dearly beloved whether we could move closer to the sea or just to wait until the over whelming urge / need passed! And so I continued through the motions of life – being a mother of 2, and a dog and a ‘live in lover’ ( – LiL-for some odd reason I just love that – live in lover… images of domestic bliss NTS – go look for images that you feel say I love being this live in lover and oh so happy – at the moment this is sadly another area in which I fail drastically as I don’t think you would describe our existance as one that you would imagine a live in lovers ‘should’ be!!!… – its not my image anyways!!!  mostly I’m ok with it – honest!! and well lets face it –  its another thing I can work on and hopefully get better at and surely not much worse!! LOL

So fast forward a week – 10 days I’m still here… no closer to a beach – (FYI didn’t have “that beach convo” AGAIN) and am trying to make things better  no not that word… but I think different is a better word for 2013 – So I have taken some pics… of different


A fire to keep you warm :)


Candles to make you smile :)

My first tulips of the year and first snowfall 2013

And while the snow fell Storm and I went for a walk…

Dog storm - first snow

Storm dog in his first ever snow

And I crocheted…

Millie Cardigan – pattern by Alicia Paulson

And drank coffees…


yummy frothy milky coffee

Not sure its pooping sparkle but hey its lots for firsts for 2013, the making of the crocheted millie cardigan by Alicia Paulson, fist snowfall 2013, first snowfall for Storm dog, one of the first frothy coffees from my new for Christmas machine (blog post to follow) and first tulips 2013 from my boy and my LiL