Happy Thursday Everyone

Posted By on Oct 3, 2013 |

Well its called happy thursday as I couldn’t think of a title for this little post… I am ‘sat sitting’ making my first ever  Dorset Yarrell button a kit that I bought last weekend at Yardale… - & am reading Alicia’s blog posts  helping  to keep me inspired and motivated along the way.  I should really be working – I have a list as long as your arm of things todo! and lets not mention the cleaning and washing I should be doing!!  Outside it is raining and I am sat inside sewing my button with candles and all I am missing really is a log fire (its not actually cold but I feel the urge of a log fire growing in my mind as October progresses!)

Jump forward a few hours… I am just now ‘sat sitting’ doing my second button of the day! once I got going it was soooo easy (although mine doesn’t quite look the same as the picture – it resembles it!! LOL) the first cm of blanket stitching on the ring are definately  the most trying – IMHO)

Girl child came home making a pom pom from her lunch time sewing and knitting club that has just started up at school -my heart sings… she is so happy and sits in the car for the hour + round trip of picking up boy child from school and taking him to another cricket training!  she would make a cricketer a great girlfriend when she is older!!! as she is so used to sitting waiting watching and is now getting practice in making picnics, car snacks and water drinks for the hours and hours of her childhood she has spent running around after her cricket brother!  But the pom pom making… and the chatter while making it… DELICIOUS :) while listing to her my brain starts to think about… ‘the idea’ I have – and adds another dimension to it… but again I need to do it – get it started and stop dreaming about it and actually do it – stop putting hurdles in my way and what ifs… if any of my friends mentioned doing it I would say GO GO GO do it, try, what have you got to loose… if my children said /say Mummy I want to try… X,Y or Z,  I say to them then do it – put in the hard work and try and see what happens… But me… I am scared – terrified of failing making a mess and so… I do nothing!