GP Day 4

Posted By on Apr 29, 2012 |

Today, Day 4 I am so grateful for the rain – its ironic weather at the moment here in the UK – as from the 6 April we have been on Drought alert, no hosepipe usage blah blah blah… and since then we have just about had rain every single day… this last week has virtually been none stop where we are, with today being noooo exception also today there have been FLOOD warnings on the news!!! across Britain.

Anyways today I’m not blue or cold about it – I was so grateful for this rain – I have had a pj day, a day lazying at home – I have been able to catch up on some work that was hanging over me that I just needed uninterrupted time to work on, listened to the radio and baked cakes with my darling daughter…

I didn’t have time to photograph the cake when it was made… we ate most of it before we even managed to make the icing for it… but boy it was yummy and I have to say my girl made it virtually ‘all by myself’ (I love to say ‘all by myself’ when referring to my children – instead of herself or himself – they both used that word lots when they were small, usually in a very determined voice, “I do it all by myself mummy” and It always makes me smile and brings the images flooding back of them so small, pudgy, and determined so very very determined.