First Day Back at School

Posted By on Sep 5, 2012 |

It was  is the first day back to school – I always hate it… the kids are usually more than ready by the end of the summer hols to go back and to be honest I am usually ready for them to go back and get some structure and routine back into our lives… But it also makes me a little sad… another summer holiday over… Another new school year starting – they move on up… I always take a while to get used to the quiet, the none hussle and bussle, the none whine and moan… and most of all being able to hug and kiss them whenever I darn well feel like it… which I probably don’t do enough of in the hols but I sure as heck miss it when they aren’t around… and to cap it off the weather is absolutely fantastic today after a pretty VERY lousy summer…

Needless to say the hound and I are missing the kids :(

Storm Dog

Storm Dog

and all the awesome intentions of cleaning and getting back to work have fissled away… today I have been on a Storm walk… beautiful but missing thing 1 & 2

back fields in Flore

Morning dog walk

Had a meeting with the Headmistress regarding Williams progress! :( may write about it at some later date… in 2 minds…and then tried to do some retail therapy and failed there too… although I did treat myself to some flowers as they were  £2! (I was going to take a photo but even thats fail…) then found this and thought… why not… mine don’t look like this – I don’t even know what colour they are as they are still just in the green… and I would just like to clarify that I just googled gladioli images… I didn’t like anything I saw and was wondering why I had actually bought the flowers (well I know why they were cheap!) and I came across this and thought of that will do fine… Its only Sarah Raven… If mine turn out anything like this I shall be a very lucky girl and a great spend of £2


Sarah Raven’s Gladioli…

Ok did dog walk N0. 2 of the day so that when we do pick up the kiddos the dog isn’t too demented and excited to see them that he takes out most of the school kiddos :)

(In case you are wondering why the americanizm popping up along the way… I am indulging a want in my life… I have this insane desire to move to the states… grass greener and all that jazz… since it won’t happen and honestly I’m ok with that as if i REALLY needed it to happen beyond anything else i could probably whine about it enough until i got my way… how spoilt is that!!! So I am going to be very growed up about it and just use izms… heck, darn, dang, kiddos… watch this space :)  and there Pollyanna fashion is something to be pretty dang grateful for today americanizms with ZZZs and all.