End of Summer Update

Posted By on Aug 31, 2012 |

Word of the blog :- TOTALLY

Its been a while… a good long while… so I thought I’d update as I am getting kinda excited about the kids going back to school – cruel I know but… I am craving some serious routine, I am about ready to face the all go that I have lost somewhere along the way over the last – ummm long time…

I have a new project that I have been mulling over in my mind for about 18months or more and I’m going to take the leap… as they say the only things in life you regret are the things you don’t do… (first task is to make myself a poster or 6 of this and stick them around the house…) ┬áIn regards my new project I am hunting out handmakers of things so if you are reading this and thinking oh I make stuff, could be anything a knitted scarf, handmade clothes, paintings, jewellery, photos you have taken… you know what mail me for info :) Oh and by the way… if you are sitting there reading this thinking ummm its not me – I’m not the sort of person she is after most likely that is TOTALLY WRONG you are exactly the sort of person I am looking for… I can’t wait to hear from you :)


I have been reflecting on what I like about blogs I follow and I will start to add them in a list down the side of this site for you to see :) but at the moment its images… enough to brake up the writing and yet not too many that there is no chat! :P So off I have just been on a little foray of sites to see what images I could add to this post… had a lovely time but have made another decision and that is to add my own images as all that naming – crediting – asking (which by the way I think is totally the way to go…) is just a little bit much for me at the moment…




Grrrh I have the same problem with the images that I had before …que web monkey help… oh noes it friday and he had gone to bed! but I have a secret weapon and its going to get fixed ASAP :)