Cricket – random thoughts…

Posted By on Jun 14, 2014 |

Sigh… This is so my problem and I am not sure how to deal with it… Boy child has gone off to a match mid day today – My random thoughts…

He is captain – Gulp… I know he can and will make a good captain  - however he hasn’t been nurtured as one… so will he have confidence in himself to do a good job?

I decided that to help Will with being Captain he could hand out Brownie – he can be very shy…  will he feel ok to hand it out? Will it be accepted or shunned?  Did I do the right thing?  Have I helped or hindered?

He has drinks and a picnic – will he eat it? He needs to eat it.. Or will as happened in his last away school match  - some other kid decided to eat his lunch (yes I was very cross about this! as my child came off from batting and a another child had been in his bag and just helped himself and then apparently said – ‘Oh I didn’t realise it was yours!)

SUN – Cap – He has so many caps… – which cap to put him in… what will it say about him – do I read too much into it? (Obviously yes and how do / should  I deal with this?!?!)

He is due a ‘bad’ match – why do I even say this – why is he due a bad match? he practises/works so hard and gives up so much to play the way he does… he doesn’t deserve to play badly – he deserves to play amazingly…

But as we are – we celebrate quietly and don’t want to appear cocky  I want to reassure other parents that we have been there as others parents reassure me  -

HELP – me learn and move on –  whatever the outcome of the questions above and embrace the future of his Cricket.