Posted By on Dec 13, 2012 |

Today I had my breakfast rant at my kids… well it was aimed really at Girlchild… she makes me nuts with food – oh she likes food and generally eats well but she is a picky eater… and i don’t really mean by that she will only eat jam sandwiches… I mean that she nibbles but it is constant and it drives me crazy and they never sit down for breakfast (unless its the weekend!)

I know it is totally my fault – I should get up and prepare them something and sit at the table with them…instead of lying in bed going OMG its cold out there, as once you are up and at em you feel fine.

I guess I feel bad as well as they have been on the radio / in the press rather alot recently about the fact that ‘poor’ / ‘neglected’ / … children have been going to school without breakfast and teachers have been using their own money to buy children breakfast!?

Any good ideas for quick easy and nourishing breakfasts?