And today…

Posted By on Nov 1, 2012 |

Today… was a so so day… started pretty bleugh,,, feeling low and like I would like to spend the whole day in bed… and was like that until lunch time – ish… bottle of coke exploded in the car… seriously not fun… but cleaned up and then I washed the kitchen cupboards down after dog mayhem last night… should have taken a pic to show but basically a boxer called Tilly came by and her and storm had a ball – BIG mess but hey ho they had fun too.

Also I washed the kitchen floor and I made a chicken casserole… much to the dismay of my daughter who has apparently quite frankly had enough of casserole! Who can have enough of casserole? I ask… oh mum is the reply i get… maybe i should just offer her gruel!!! LOL

So I feel actually today was ok – I made the best of it and actually it was ok… I didn’t save the world