A new week

Posted By on Jan 21, 2013 |

 Or should I say another week… no a new week… its starting with another day off from school (after the half day on friday) due to the lovely fluffy white stuff.  Oh and we have had such a fab time in it, sledging, walking, laughing, snowball fights and attempts to make snow men… we failed abit at that – obviously its the wrong type of snow, don’t you know!

Over the weekend when the snow was all of a flurry and doing its level best to give us as much as it could and make it a magical few days for the children I looked out of the window and thought how much it reminded me of snow globes how I love those things, if I see one in a shop I am always drawn to shake it and watch – shake it and watch, loose myself in that quiet magical time, umm (breath in as you do the ummm ) lovely… and in amongst the whooping and  excitement the first magical snow fall of the season that we have had some of those lovely quiet moments this weekend as well.

(I would really like to put a scrummy image of a snow globe here to remind me of the beauty and tranquility they can bring… but in my brief look I can’t find one that really does justice to how I feel about snow globes… I will continue to look a little later – for I need to get on and not loose myself in hours of searching!)

Tea, breakfast, kids and dogs all calling for my attention… not to mention the mountain of washing a snow weekend brings and all the other stuff… but just maybe I will save that for tomorrow when all have gone to school and I am home alone, and enjoy this added day to the weekend and embrace another impromptu day off.