All kinda happy

Posted By on May 20, 2014 |

Happy Tuesday – for some unknown reason I am feeling very happy today – and despite NOT wanting to get out of my bed this morning by the time I was back from the school run I just felt happy… decided to treat the dogget and myself to a lovely walk across fields and by the canal…














we walked to heyford and I treated myself to an ice cream… I would like to say it looked a little something like this…

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 15.06.12


However in reality it looked more like this… well i can’t find a pic to show how sad it was… had obviously been in the freezer for… forever!!! not great but on the plus side only 60kals so low fat crap!!!

Oh and I did 15ooo steps according to my fitbit – and got an over achiever email!! I think i can safely say the first ever over achiever sticker in my life!!! LOL