I have decided to keep an online diary (blog) of stuff that happens in my daily life…


Well good point – but…  Really so  I actually have a record of what goes on in my daily life and something to look back on.  How I felt about that something when that something is / was of HUGE importance to me – how I dealt with it… or I guess more accurately how I don’t/didn’t deal with it…

I am a throw my toys out of the pram kinda girl,  RANT and RAVE!!! (and usually not in a good way).   So my thinking is maybe this site will help me not to rant and rave soooo much, and as I read back I can actually be embarrassed about how much I moan and complain about things… and learn from my experiences and who knows maybe be a better person in the future or even help whoever maybe reading this realise they are not alone in their thoughts.

Note to myself (really) – I am going to try to keep it upbeat – I recently read online some peoples comments and posts about another blogger and not really just their complaints but their HATE towards her and her life and how she portrayed it,  the general jist… ‘just seems so perfect, she never comments on the hard stuff she portrays a false picture of what life is like when you live with or have or… her pictures are all so perfect…’  and so I went back and re-read some of her posts  - I chose random posts to re-read that she has posted over the years and thought for me,  no actually she doesn’t,  she does tell you the bad stuff but she makes the good stuff so good, sweet, warm and perfect that actually you gloss over the BAD stuff and the dark days as they are not the focus of the blog – and thats what I want to do hopefully… work on telling the crap but ultimately to focus on the fabulous after all it is a short life and I fancy making it sweet.

Also I want to document some of… well in honesty most likely,  lots of my issues with my children and my life in general… so many things happen and I feel I don’t know how to deal with them,  whether to let it slide, or make a fuss, or who, or where to turn?  So rather than continually looking for that person to off load on, or share with,  I am going to share it here… if you want to follow and comment please feel free – if you think it all just a load of mumbo gumbo, seriously, no worries.



LIL – Richard Cooper, my live in lover as I call him as after lots and lots of years together lots of ups and downs, two beautiful children (aren’t they always when you are writing about them in public – however the rest of the time they are little so-an-so’s!!!) we are still unmarried but somehow my boyfriend just doesn’t cut it, my husband isn’t strictly true, my partner just sounds so dry and honestly…  boring – yawn… so, so far its the best I can do… message me some other funky suggestions :P

Girl child

Boy child

Storm dog


WHY Mums in the Middle as a name?

This blog was born really one day during Feb 2012 – I was feeling sad, sorry for myself and generally down in my wellies… LIL said what is it – why these days are you so down? what can I do to help?

After lots of wine and lots of talking it emerged I felt pretty isolated – although I had friends and family who were around me I sometimes felt I couldn’t – or didn’t want to always be ranting about my bad day or even my good day – it wasn’t all about me! However at the same time I needed to get some things that happened in my life off my chest…  I guess in years gone by we would all have written diaries… to me a blog is just the 20th Century version of that diary… and maybe I needed to really start keeping one – paper diary or computer diary didn’t really matter it just needs to start to happen.  The way I am and the way my life is, on the computer seems the best option at the moment – and why publish it for all the world and sundry to see… I need that motivation, maybe someone somewhere is reading this and need a little helping hand or a pick me up or a even a put me down, maybe that person reading will post a comment that will make me think a little more and become a better person.

So the name – in the conversation with LIL I said several times – I feel so in the middle, always in-between, you and the kids, my mum and you, my mum and the kids, your parents and you, the kids – you get the point…

And there we have it  the blog is born with the name…


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