365 Grateful project

Posted By on Apr 26, 2012 |

Life is so full of funnies… I feel I have been searching for something, anything to make me feel better – I can’t really say what is wrong or why I feel kinda blue… and I really have found lots of things that are making me feel a little more pink… so I am going to share a few of the blogs that I now spend many hours reading and devouring (its like chicken soup for the soul I am finding)

http://www.astoryaboutfaith.com/ shelly
among many others but yesterday and today I have seriously been lifted along by a couple of posts – especially yesterday in a link from  Design mom  yesterday was to Shelley’s blog and then again today from Design mom  to 365grateful Hailey.  I SO SO SO  always wanted to do a 365 project (loads about all over the place),  but somehow as with so many other things in my life the want never quite caught the do,  but Hailey’s story just ignited something… (could have something to do with the added bonus she was using a poloriod camera!! and I have just re-discovered my lomo AND I have a popa for my iphone that I got for christmas and really haven’t used enough… :( So it really HIT home… & I AM GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT – grabbed phone and took 2 shots of things I have been grateful for today…

  I found the connecting cable so I now can have 2 monitors         and a new cheque book arrived so I can how do all the outstanding cheques I need to do

They are small and trivial – nothing really life changing or profound but they did make me grateful in a weird way…