Posts made in December, 2012

Home Alone

Posted By on Dec 12, 2012

I am home alone tonight… Well I have 2 kiddlers (in bed and should be asleep…do you hear me children – SLEEP!!) and a Storm dog (ransacking the kitchen as has been in his crate for a long time today! :( boo hoo and I didn’t organise the dog walking service)… but, I guess I mean, I am without my man… Why am I so crap… in that when he is home I so often think – goodness how nice it would...

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Getting that Christmassy feeling

Posted By on Dec 6, 2012

So its 6th Dec 2012 and I am getting that real Christmassy feeling – I love it… I have twinkly lights… I have a log fire and candles – I have a huge hooky project that i really need to get going with. Yesterday I started my Christmas shopping – I still have some things to go but feel that I actually maybe ahead of myself this year! So I need way more logs – lots and lots more kindling :) so I can...

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