Posts made in August, 2012

End of Summer Update

Posted By on Aug 31, 2012

Word of the blog :- TOTALLY Its been a while… a good long while… so I thought I’d update as I am getting kinda excited about the kids going back to school – cruel I know but… I am craving some serious routine, I am about ready to face the all go that I have lost somewhere along the way over the last – ummm long time… I have a new project that I have been mulling over in my mind for about...

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School Shoes

Posted By on Aug 30, 2012

Darling Daughter has been dropping highly unsubtle hints all holidays about shoe shopping!  An absolute hate of mine – school shoe shopping – the worst!!- the time never seems right – the shops are always full of stressed mothers and grumpy or whiny or screaming kids – it fills me with a sense of dread…  Go to early and you fear that the kids feet will have grown a size by the time school starts… go...

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