Posts made in July, 2012

Five things I am tired of… 1 Planning stuff and then having to change it because of other stuff… :( 2 Children bickering… 3 changeable weather… one min rain the next sun!!! One or the other please… 4 chewing bored puppies! 5 Internets not working properly and can’t watch a decent movie… Five things I am NOT tired of… 1 My Children laughing 2 Bone warming skin kissing sun (not that super...

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Posted By on Jul 18, 2012

I feel down in the dumps to tell you the truth… not sure if its just me feeling crap or the weather, end of term blues – think Im gonna do the old English thing and blame the weather for making me feel so lethargic… but  I just feel crap, can’t be bothered to do anything thing!  Even the dog has taken to sleeping most of the time!  What are we going to do when winter really hits? Boo hoo :(

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PT Session 5

Posted By on Jul 16, 2012

I can’t believe that I have had 5 sessions!  Its going ok but getting harder rather than easier!  Monday 16th June… More Cardio… More pushups… Hell…

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PT Session 4

Posted By on Jul 10, 2012

This session was all about the cardio… and if I thought I was unfit before this session I now know how unfit I actually am!!! Session break down 1) 10 mins on the vario – 1 min @ 1, 2 mins @4 – total 10 mins 2) Treadmill – Fast walking 5.8km 1 min then 2 mins RUNNING!!! x4 – I was dead!! 3) Lunges x 20 – Static Kettle bell lifts (12KG) x 20 and repeat!! 4) Vario 1 min @3, 1 min @6 for 10 mins. 5) I...

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